Sometimes even the strictest of diets, sporting activities and special anti-cellulite treatments are not enough to reduce localised fat distribution problems.

Pockets of excess fat tend to accumulate where they are least wanted. Not only is visual appearance affected but also the self-confidence of many people suffers. Liposuction offers the option of a long-lasting improvement in appearance.

Areas which are particularly suitable for liposuction are:
- double chin
- excess fat around abdomen, hips, inner and outer thighs, buttocks and inner knees

Liposuction is performed under tumescent local anaesthetic:

Liposuction is performed with the insertion of small tubes into the fatty tissue through 2-3mm incisions in the skin. As a first step, the tumescent solution is injected into the treatment sites, which requires about thirty minutes to take effect.

The fatty tissue absorbs the solution and softens which allows the fine liposuction tube to gently draw out the unwanted fat. The adrenalin content contracts the blood vessels, which leads to a reduction of blood loss during surgery.
The operation can be performed either under local or general anaesthetic.

After surgery the patient stays overnight in the clinic.
To ensure optimal, long-lasting results are achieved, it is important to wear the compression garment for six to eight weeks after surgery.

It will generally take about eight weeks before the final results of this procedure can be seen and fully appreciated. Eight weeks surgery sporting activities can be fully resumed.