Chin correction

Chin correction

Chin correction:

In 85 % of cases, chin correction is performed by liposuction of the fatty tissue in the chin area. If the problem is still not resolved after this procedure, then aesthetic chin surgery is necessary.

Chin surgery is performed by adjustments to the bone at the point of the chin, or with the insertion of an implant. For a chin reduction, part of the bone has to be removed.

For the correction of chins which are too small, two procedure types can be selected between:insertion of an implantforward displacement of the jaw bone
Two different incision techniques can be used:through the mouth, which does not leave a visual scarthrough the underside of the chin, which generally leads to less complications
The third aspect, which has to be decided upon, is the selection of implant material.

Even with the incision technique through the mouth, the chin is bandaged up after surgery to immobilize it. In general, swelling reduces after about five days and disappears completely after about two weeks. Nevertheless, this is always dependant upon the individual healing tendencies and possible post-operative haemorrhages.

Chin correction

The cheek bones are also an important facial feature, as unpronounced cheek bones make a face seem plain and inexpressive. High cheek bones often make a face appear more beautiful, which is why many people desire more emphasized cheek bones.

Just as with chin corrections, the cheek bones can be surgically altered with the insertion of implants.

To correct cheek bones, two different types of implants are available.