Breast lift

Breast lift

Breast lift:

Breast lift surgery gives sagging breasts the necessary boost to make them appear firmer and more youthful. The causes of drooping breasts are varied and include pregnancy, nursing, extreme weight loss or the menopause.

To retrieve the original breast shape, surgery is unavoidable. Surgery involves the removal of excess skin and the remodelling of the breast. The incision is hidden in the pigmented skin around the areola and runs in a vertical line, extending in a downward direction. In some cases, another incision is required along the line of the natural breast crease.

Cosmetic suture techniques are applied, in which the stitches are actually beneath the skin. The scars usually heal so well, that after a while they are hardly visible. If insufficient breast tissue is available for the remodelling, the insertion of implants make the breasts appear fuller and more beautiful. After surgery, a clinic stay of approximately two days is necessary.

The stitches are removed after approximately fourteen days.