Breast augmentation

Breast Augmentation

The Breast augmentation:

What’s new? Anatomic instead of conventional implants are being used at no extra charge!

The breast is one of the important attributes of female beauty – a symbol of attractiveness and desire. Today society seems to focus on this female symbol. Thus women, whose breasts do not comply with the “ideal” bosom, can face grave problems.

Breast enlargements help women, who consider their breasts to be either too small or lacking fullness, to achieve the desired shape and size of their breasts. Women have many reasons why they desire a breast enlargement. Undeveloped breasts do not coincide with the ideal of beauty.
Many women are not completely happy with the size and shape of their breasts ,– particularly when the contours of their bust change due to pregnancy, breast-feeding, weight fluctuation or just due to body changes over the course of time.

The Breast augmentation:

Breast implants not only provide you with the figure you always dreamed of, but you also adopt a different kind of body-awareness and self-confidence.
Silicone is a very robust synthetic material. The implant’s sheath is made from firm silicone. Current filling materials available are silicone gel, sodium chloride and hydro gels.

Due to the development of excellent silicone implants breast enlargements have become a routine procedure and many shapes and sizes of implants exist. Nowadays only implants with an approval from the US- and EU- ministry of health are used.

The Breast augmentation:

Depending on individual needs the implant can be positioned with different incision techniques. Usually only one small incision is necessary for the insertion of an implant:

- Armpit (axillary incision)
- In the crease below the breast (inframammar incision)
-Around the areola (periareolar incision)

The implant is then inserted and, depending on the condition of your soft tissue, positioned below the breast muscle or the mammary gland.

The size and type of implant as well as the incision technique is discussed in the first consultation with the surgeon.
The whole procedure takes between one and two hours. First the incision is made, then the implants are inserted and finally the wound is sewn up. Sometimes a tube is inserted to drain the wound secretion over the first few days after surgery.

Small sized underdeveloped breasts (hypotrophe mammae)

The augmentation of underdeveloped breasts is carried out with the insertion of implants and has become a standard operation in cosmetic surgery. The wounds are sewn up using a cosmetic technique so that no scars remain on the breasts, and any other scars are hardly or not at all visible.
Breastfeeding remains possible after surgery and both desired shape and firmness can be maintained.

Precautionary examinations such as a mammography can still be done. This is because the implants are positioned either above or below the breast muscle and are not directly connected to the mammary gland.

The development of lumps in the breasts can often be identified easier after surgery.
Breast sensations remain unaffected.

After the insertion of the implants, small breasts lacking in firmness achieve both an augmentation in size and firmness.

After surgery, a clinic stay between one and two days is necessary. The stitches are removed after ten to fourteen days.