Plastic surgery

Plastic surgery

FEMMESTYLE- Who are we?

Femmestyle provides high level aesthetic surgery performed by international, skilled surgeons.

Our goal is to fill you with enthusiasm for our services.
Once you have placed your trust in Femmestyle, we see it as our duty to take care of you, in every sense of the word, before, during and after surgery.

Femmestyle patients are never left to their own devices!

Why compromise?
You do not have to compromise when it comes to your own body.
Compare and your decision will be simple.

The doctors and the clinic

Hundreds of operations are performed each year.
Almost all of our doctors have had fifteen to twenty years of experience in plastic surgery.
Our chief physicians have the highest of qualifications in general, plastic and accident surgery.
Our senior consultants are not only highly qualified in general surgery but also have additional
completed qualifications in plastic and accident surgery.
In addition, all of our surgeons regularly attend international further education programmes and conferences.