1.Why is surgery so much cheaper in Austria in comparison to Germany and Switzerland?
Due to the Austrian economic situation, which leads to lower levels of wages, taxes, etc. and the clinic’s particularly tight calculation of prices. This is one of the reasons we have recently relocated from Vienna to the Austro-Hungarian border.
2.Is it true that no corners are cut when it comes to the quality of surgery?Indeed no corners are cut when it comes to the quality of surgery. The clinic is state-of-the art and offers many features other competing clinics cannot. The clinic boasts Hungary’s leading senior consultants and the proud facilities of an in-house laboratory, x-ray and intensive care unit. Not only one qualified doctor will be there to care for you, but a whole team of medically trained staff.
3.Has the doctor performed this surgery regularly?
In general, all of our doctors have had between fifteen and twenty years of surgical experience. Several hundred operations are performed in the clinic each year. Our senior consultants are not only highly qualified in general surgery but also have additional qualifications in plastic and accident surgery.
4.Do they speak English?All our staff speaks both English and German fluently. You will be personally cared for by a trained nurse who speaks either German or English, according to your preferences.
5.Is it safe to be operated on in a foreign country? Our doctors are internationally-active, therefore it is quite likely that you would be treated by the same doctor during your stay in a private clinic in Vienna or Munich.
Furthermore, judge without prejudice, for instance, the Prague University of Medicine is regarded worldwide as being the best institute for medical training. Moreover, check the list of Nobel prize winner’s for medicine!
Our clinic has been both EU- and ISO-certified for a long time.
6.Can a satisfying surgical result be guaranteed?It lies in the nature of the medical profession, that guarantees can never be made. What we do offer though, is that corrective surgery can be offered free of charge, if you were not satisfied with the results or if medical complications arose. Nevertheless, this has not been necessary yet, which reflects the quality of our work.
7. What is the advantage of having an in-house x-ray, laboratory and intensive care unit?It gives us the security to treat emergencies properly should they occur. Clinics or private practices, which cannot offer these facilities, would have to seek the help of public services such as an ambulance. This leads to the loss of valuable time. In addition, during surgical procedures, often up-to-date laboratory samples are necessary. The opportunity of being able to access these facilities, offers our patients more security.
8. What is the price for a counseling interview?
The counseling interview is free and non-binding.
9. Why so I have to ask for an offer?
The offer is free and non-binding and it contains ample informations of our services. (Prices, course of the operation, ecc)
10.What does “ISO-certified” mean?
The ISO-certificate, which is attested by an independent office, gets given, if there are observed high medical standards.

11.Roentgen, labor and intensive-care-unit consolidated – Is it really necessary?
(It’s a point which isn’t as important for competitive companies as it should be, so these things don’t exist)
Well, what do you think? Do you want to be cured professionally in a case of emergency, or do you want to get transported with the ambulance in a special clinic?
What do you think? Is it better if the anesthesist hadthe possibility to get the actual labor-values or if he had to use the results from the family doctor, which are already 14 days old?
What do you think? Is it an advantage to make controls in the own roentgen-unit or is it better for you to get such in an other institute, which costs time. Time which is important for eventual corrections.


Herta W. (Vienna)
FEMMESTYLE corrected what other clinics had ruined twice. I am very satisfied and highly recommend the FEMMESTYLE team.
Uli S.(Vienna):
Being a nurse, I am particularly attentive to the quality of medical services. FEMMESTYLE is definitely first class :-)
Hedwig B. (Cologne)
The prompt response and FEMMESTYLE’s first class service left me with a very positive impression. Even including air fares, my breast enlargement surgery was much cheaper than it would have been in Germany.
Sabine F. (Zurich)
I am very satisfied with my breast lifting. My dermatologist praised FEMMESTYLE’s work.

Mario H.(Turin):
It was a total coincidence that I came across FEMMESTYLE. In Italy, plastic surgeons do not have a good reputation. Undergoing plastic surgery in Italy is a gamble. After over one year of research, I was sure that I would be in good hands at FEMMESTYLE. I was not disappointed and would like express my great appreciation.
Fr. Ingrid (Tirol)
I was given a liposuction treatment as a gift from my husband. Great - :-( Nevertheless, my husband was able to arrange everything easily with FEMMESTYLE. The doctor was very nice and the result has made me happy. I would like to extend my gratitude to the entire FEMMESTYLE team.
Frau Christiane K.
Three months ago I had a breast reduction performed at FEMMESTYLE. Since then I feel as though I have been reborn! My back and neck pains have disappeared. I have been able to take up sport again, which, prior to the operation, was impossible. The whole FEMMESTYLE team was extremely nice and very compassionate. Everything went to plan and I felt very comfortable there. I would do it exactly the same again.
Ursula O.(Vienna):
You know that I was satisfied! What I would suggest though, is including the prices on your website, or even better, add a price comparison. I think that that would make your future patients even more enthusiastic. See you again soon ;-).
Franziska F. (Köln):I have been in hospital for few days with an ophtalmitis. This point of time I used to ask the doctor, if he knew a surgeon who could resolve my problem (breast decrease). Thereupon I was refered to femmestyle and I didn’t be sorry until today.

Dr.Gabriela M.(Wien):From the first consulting to the removal I have been sure to be well reserved. So, our clinics have to learn (also this one, where I work). The Hungarian standard isn’t comparably absolutely.
Thomas W. (Wien) I haven’t been sure at the beginning, if femmestyle was also appropriated for men, but now I have no spare tires anymore. Thanks!
Martina F. (München) My girlfriends thought, that an operation in Hungary was dangerous, because you don’t know nobody. That made me curious, because a recommended surgeon for my problem would be in Berlin, where I also don’t know nobody. Immediately after the consulting discussion my confidence was strengthened and I know that this is the correct hospital for me.
Angelika S. (Linz) It was original the low price, which made me attentive. As a student my budget is rather small. My doubts were, that caused by this price, the quality has to suffer. Only after having repeated contacts with partners of femmestyle, I dedicated for a consulting discussion. The procedure of my breast enlargement was perfect and so I look forward to the next summer :)
Tatjana H.(Vienna):|
It is almost half a year ago that I had a breast augmentation. I have to say, I have not regretted it for one moment. I would recommend it to anyone who is not satisfied with their appearance. FEMMESTYLE organised everything perfectly and fast. What I found particularly pleasing were the phone calls before and after the operation to enquire about my wellbeing. I would like to express my thanks and praise for everything.
Erika L.(NÖ):
I have won a voucher for FEMMESTYLE through participating in a survey! I am so excited about it!
Sabine W.(Linz):
She who pays more only has herself to blame!
Angelika M.(Vienna):
I am completely satisfied with my breast augmentation. In fact, I was just searching the site to see if there was anywhere, where I could enter a patient’s testimonial. All in all, great :-)
Franziska F. (Cologne):
I was in hospital for a few days because on an eye infection. During my stay in hospital, I asked my doctor whom he would suggest to help me with my problem (breast reduction). He recommended
Dr.Gabriela M.(Vienna):
I would like to keep the nature of my problem to myself. What I would like to share, is the fact, that from the very first consultation until leaving the clinic, I always felt as though I was being well looked after. Some of our clinics could take a leaf out of their book, including the one I work for. The Hungarian standard is absolutely compatible to the standards in Vienna.

Thomas W. (Vienna)
At first I wasn’t sure if the FEMMESTYLE service was suitable for men as well as women. Now I can say, yes, indeed it is. I have said goodbye to my extra padding – thank you!
Martina F. (Munich)
My friends thought that an operation in Hungary would be too risky, because of not knowing anyone there. That made me curious, because the recommended surgeon for my problem was in Berlin, where I also do not know anyone! Straight after the first consultation, I was convinced that this was the right clinic for me.
Angelika M.(Wien):With the result of my breast-enlargement I was very happy but I wanted to see, it I have the possibility to write something on the femmestyle-site, it’s great!
Sabine W.(Linz):Who pays more, it’s his fault.
Angelika S. (Linz)
Initially it was the low price that attracted my interest. Being a student, my budget was restricted. I worried that at such a low price the quality of treatment would have to suffer. Only after numerous contacts with FEMMESTYLE patients, did I decide to make an appointment for a first consultation. The entire procedure of my breast augmentation was perfect. I am looking forward to next summer :-)
Helmut V.(Graz):
My initial motto was that it had to be cheap! Although visiting various clinics in Poland and the Czech Republic was an eye-opener. The firm I work for produces monitors for patient surveillance, so I think I am experienced enough with medical technical matters to say, that in some of these countries the technical equipment is almost prehistoric. Finally, I selected FEMMESTYLE as this claims to use up-to-date technical equipment and is ISO-certified. Being a technician, this is something that I can evaluate and regard as being good.
Dr. Manfred E.(Doctor from Vienna)
Fantastic service, thank you!
Franz S. (Vienna)
Sport and diets did not help! I had to look for an alternative and started looking for a cosmetic surgeon. Why I chose FEMMESTYLE, I hardly can say, probably because I took to them the most. Today, seven weeks after surgery, the results are just as I had imagined they would be. I am so happy!
Waltraud H.(Munich):
Femmestyle was not my first choice. I had two other offers in the final round, one of which was much more expensive and the other which was much cheaper. After comparing the services more closely, I decided to go with FEMMESTLYE. My husband’s comment also influenced my decision. He said that when it comes to handbags and items of clothing, only the best is good enough, whereas when it concerned my body, all of a sudden the cheapest price was going to be the basis of my decision. That got me thinking!
Regina U.(Basel):
I had wanted a breast augmentation for a long time, but was unable to afford the operation in Switzerland. My prejudice towards operations in Hungary was unjust. I work for a pharmaceutical company and studied the list of products and medicines we use. I compared my list to what was being used by FEMMESTYLE and noted that only international standard products were being used. For me, this was a very important issue. I would like to thank FEMMESTYLE for their understanding and support.